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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Toffee Calma Webcam Scandal

Toffee Calma was reportedly the hunk actor on an alleged webcam scandal involving a man doing a private show. The video was said to have circulated on the internet including Facebook but now the video can no longer be seen aside from a few screen shots uploaded by those who were able to watch the said video.

Toffee Calma Webcam Scandal

According to an entertainment talk show (which mentioned that the man on the webcam scandal was indeed Toffee Calma), he was probably paid to do a private live show on a webcam.

Now that we are aware of the Toffee Calma webcam scandal video, the next question would be -- who is Toffee Calma? Toffee Calma is a sexy actor in the late 90's who starred in a sex flick movie "Divino: Anak ni Totoy Mola." After a while, he became one of Korina Sanchez' researchers for her TV show "Rated K." Soon he got several roles in different indie films and on a TV series hit "Magkaribal" where he played one of the gay fashion designers.

If you have actually seen this video, kindly share the URL in the comment section below. Thanks!

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